SP1-V printer was designed as a compact-size and it can be installed on any vending machine that needs to print a transaction receipt when a transaction was completed.

The integration of a user friendly print-button will help the customer to request theirs transaction receipt.

The operator will be satisfied and secure with the installation of a DAB (ICT’s Data Audit Box) device, it will record audit transaction (DAB) and print out the transaction receipt or coupon with the SP1-V installed on the vending machines.

The Operator can set up their own format for the coupon and receipt, the format including the logo, text contents and QR/ bar code, etc.

The most innovative design of this printer is that the operator can save or upload the printing format or setting by using a USB pen-drive to reduce the traditional maintenance time.

Design dedicated for Vending Applications
Easy Installation and Low Maintenance
Anti-Pull Paper Mechanism
Adjustable Paper Length
Low-paper Alarm Indicator
Quick, Easy Settings & Upgrade via USB Pen-drive